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Lena Headey

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I'm 40 next year and I'm very well aware that where I am now, it becomes a bit of a wilderness for actresses.

— Lena Headey

#aware #becomes #bit #i #i am

I've never directed before, so I need to make sure that people know that I can. The movie that I've written, 'The Sophisticates,' is a... small ensemble comedy and I hope it's charming and funny.

— Lena Headey

#charming #comedy #directed #ensemble #funny

Since being quite young, I've had a very strong sense of independence and survival. As a child, I was on my own two feet emotionally.

— Lena Headey

#child #emotionally #feet #had #i

There's a perceived inverse relation between looks and talent. Look at Charlize Theron - she made herself ugly for 'Monster' and suddenly everyone said 'she's a genius.' It shouldn't be like that.

— Lena Headey

#charlize theron #everyone #genius #herself #inverse

There's nothing more exciting for an actor than a chance to lose, to be someone who has lost - especially if it's someone who starts off with a veneer of control. To be broken is wonderful.

— Lena Headey

#broken #chance #control #especially #exciting

About Lena Headey

Lena Headey Quotes

Did you know about Lena Headey?

Headey received several good reviews for her performance in the film. The show ran for 31 episodes in two seasons until its cancellation in May 2009. " She said in an interview: "A few years ago I used to box in London and that held me in good stead".

After working steadily as an actress getting small and supporting roles in films throughout the 1990s Lena Headey found fame for her lead performances in big-budget films like the fantasy film The Brothers Grimm (2005) in which Lena Headey acted opposite Matt Damon and Heath Ledger the action period film 300 (2007) portraying the role of Queen Gorgo and the adventure and biographical feature The Red Baron (2008). Headey's performance in a one-off show when Lena Headey was 17 caught the attention of a casting agent who took a photo and asked her to audition.

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