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Les Claypool

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I pretty much built a band out of the most incredible guys I could possibly find. I didn't really want a six-piece band, but it just ended up being a six-piece band because these guys are all awesome.

— Les Claypool

#band #because #being #built #could

I don't know if it was the whole audience getting stoned out of their minds getting ready for the Floyd thing or what it was, but it was like playing to a painting.

— Les Claypool

#floyd #getting #i #know #like

For the past couple of years I've been pretty bored with music in general... just bored with it.

— Les Claypool

#bored #couple #general #i #just

I liked the name Frog Brigade because it lent itself to a lot of cool imagery with the whole frog thing.

— Les Claypool

#brigade #cool #frog #i #imagery

I think Phish will come back. I just think it's time for a breather.

— Les Claypool

#come #i #i think #just #phish

Music in general is looking for something new overall.

— Les Claypool

#looking #music #new #overall #something

My favorite venues are the 2,000 seat theaters, like the Warfield. If there was a Warfield in every city, I would play it. That's all I would do. I love venues like that.

— Les Claypool

#every #favorite #i #i love #like

New Year's was insane! It was the best show I've ever played for New Year's.

— Les Claypool

#ever #i #insane #new #played

Theaters are great. They're designed to sound good, not for basketball.

— Les Claypool

#designed #good #great #sound #theaters

We've all had our thing. I listened to the Monkees when I was little kid.

— Les Claypool

#i #kid #listened #little #little kid

About Les Claypool

Les Claypool Quotes

Did you know about Les Claypool?

(banjo on the Lynyrd Skynyrd cover "Tuesday's Gone")
1998 – Bloem de Ligny – Zink (vocals on the track "Capsule")
1999 – Tom Waits – Mule Variations (on the track "Big in Japan")
1999 – Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band – Live On (on the track "Oh Well")
1999 – Limp Bizkit – Significant Other (vocals on the hidden track "The Mind of Les" bass and vocals on the outtake "Hell of a Band")
1999 – Phonopsycograph Disk – Live @ Slim's / Turbulence Chest (additional bass on 8 of the 12 tracks)
2002 – Gov't Mule – The Deep End Volume 2 (bass and vocals on the tracks "Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy" and "Drivin' Rain")
2003 – Gov't Mule – The Deepest End Live In Concert (bass and vocals on the tracks "Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy" and "Drivin' Rain")
2004 – Tom Waits – Real Gone (on the tracks "Hoist That Rag" "Shake It" and "Baby Gonna Leave Me")
2004 – Jack Irons – Attention Dimension (on the Pink Floyd cover "Shine On You Crazy Diamond")
2005 – Adrian Belew – Side One (on the tracks "Ampersand" "Writing on the Wall" and "Matchless Man")
2005 – Gabby La La – Be Careful What You Wish For. Les composed several songs for the Wii game Mushroom Men released in December 2008. A close family friend Rhys Hickman taught him the basics of the slap bass technique which he mastered throughout his educational period.

Claypool has also self-produced and engineered his solo releases from his own studio "Rancho Relaxo". Claypool's playing style on the electric bass mixes tapping flamenco-like strumming whammy bar bends and slapping.

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