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Levi Eshkol

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Put three Zionists in a room and they will form four political parties.

— Levi Eshkol

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About Levi Eshkol

Levi Eshkol Quotes

Did you know about Levi Eshkol?

Eshkol received a traditional education. In 1914 he left for Palestine then part of the Ottoman Empire. Rafi was defeated by the Alignment in the elections held in November 1965 establishing Eshkol as the country's indisputable leader.

He was the first Israeli Prime Minister to die in office. [About this sound] Levi Eshkol (help·info) (Hebrew: לֵוִי אֶשְׁכּוֹל; Arabic: ليفي أشكول‎ born Levi Shkolnik (Hebrew: לֵוִי שׁקוֹלנִיק) 25 October 1895 – 26 February 1969) served as the third Prime Minister of Israel from 1963 until his death from a heart attack in 1969.

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