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Linda McMahon

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I certainly think you could look at the business side of how WWE was run, which was as a conservative company with little debt and strong cash balance.

— Linda McMahon

#business #cash #certainly #company #conservative

I don't know Gov. Palin. I've certainly seen her, since she came on the scene, you know, running with John McCain.

— Linda McMahon

#certainly #gov #her #i #john

I have said from the beginning, I would spend what it would take for the people of Connecticut to know who I am and what I stand for.

— Linda McMahon

#beginning #connecticut #for the people #i #i am

I'm going to continue to talk about what is important to the people of Connecticut which is jobs, getting people back to work, the economy.

— Linda McMahon

#back #connecticut #continue #economy #getting

I'm not going to take any special interest money or any PAC money... when I get to Washington I want to be the voice for the people of Connecticut and not owe special favors.

— Linda McMahon

#connecticut #favors #for the people #get #going

It was acting, and WWE is the longest-running weekly episodic program in television. Sure, there are story lines that are better than others.

— Linda McMahon

#better #episodic #lines #others #program

It's unfortunate, you know, that you can't change people's - habits, their personal habits.

— Linda McMahon

#habits #know #people #personal #their

While they're in WWE, we absolutely have a health and wellness policy. I'll probably always say 'we,' even though I've resigned as the CEO. It's kind of hard to break a 30-year habit.

— Linda McMahon

#always #break #ceo #even #habit

You have to think about the WWE as soap operas.

— Linda McMahon

#operas #soap #soap operas #think #you

About Linda McMahon

Linda McMahon Quotes

Did you know about Linda McMahon?

During the 2008 Presidential election Smackdown your Vote! registered many voters online often in affiliation with Rock the Vote. Under her leadership WWE was the recipient of the USO of Metropolitan Washington's first ever “Legacy of Hope” award for its extensive support of U. At the party convention McMahon received the most support but Simmons received enough votes to qualify for the ballot for the August 10 primary although he was not actively campaigning.

She also started the company's civic programs Get REAL and Smackdown Your Vote. McMahon has occasionally performed in the ring most notably in a wrestling feud with her husband which climaxed at WrestleMania X-Seven. McMahon was the 2012 Republican nominee for Connecticut's other Senate seat to replace retiring Senator Joe Lieberman in the general election in November 2012 but lost again this time to Democratic Representative Chris Murphy.

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