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Lloyd Bridges

Read through the most famous quotes from Lloyd Bridges

As time went on, I got envious and wanted to do a lot of stunts myself.

— Lloyd Bridges

#got #i #lot #myself #stunts

Bear Valley is the hidden treasure of the Sierra.

— Lloyd Bridges

#hidden #sierra #treasure #valley

Carrying those double tanks around all the time got to be a little rough on me. I had to put that damn wetsuit on and take it off, sometimes three or four times a day.

— Lloyd Bridges

#carrying #damn #day #double #four

For four years doing that same character all the time kind of bothered me. Butit opened up a lot of doors.

— Lloyd Bridges

#character #doing #doors #four #kind

I needed to feed my family. I read a couple of the episodes. How can you keep on doing the same thing?

— Lloyd Bridges

#doing #episodes #family #feed #how

I'm foremost an actor. I feel embarrassed being compared to the guys who really work at it. I fake it, I make believe I know all about it, which is what you're supposed to do as an actor.

— Lloyd Bridges

#actor #being #believe #compared #embarrassed

Sea Hunt was the first time anyone tackled a show that took place underwater. The stories were sort of exciting for kids, like cops and robbers underwater.

— Lloyd Bridges

#cops #exciting #first #first time #hunt

There's a lot to be said about what's happening to our ocean, big companies polluting it with their oil and all the raw garbage that's being spilled in there.

— Lloyd Bridges

#being #big #big companies #companies #garbage

We wanted to set a good example for the growing number of divers watching.

— Lloyd Bridges

#example #good #good example #growing #number

We worked under a lot of pressure... three days to do an episode, sometimes two in a week, 39 episodes a year.

— Lloyd Bridges

#episode #episodes #lot #pressure #sometimes

About Lloyd Bridges

Lloyd Bridges Quotes

Did you know about Lloyd Bridges?

Later he appeared in Paper Dolls (1984) and Capital News (1990) both for ABC and again with Harts of the West (1993–1994) this time for CBS a comedy/western set on a dude ranch in Nevada. Early life
Bridges was born in San Leandro California the son of Harriet Evelyn (née Brown) (1893-1950) and Lloyd Vernet Bridges Sr. In addition he was a regular cast member in the Rod Serling western series The Loner (which lasted one season from 1965 to 1966; Bridges pulled out in disagreement over the violent content of the show) and in the two NBC failures San Francisco International Airport (1970/71) and a Police Story spin-off Joe Forrester (1975–76).

(January 15 1913 – March 10 1998) was an American actor who starred in a number of television series and appeared in more than 150 feature films. Lloyd Vernet Bridges Jr.

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