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Margaret Mahy

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It changes you for ever, but you are changing for ever anyway.

— Margaret Mahy

#changing #growth #change

I'm the Beast. You're the Beauty," he said. "It's all a story, isn't it?

— Margaret Mahy

#timon #timon-and-eden #beauty

Will you still love me when I'm a monster?

— Margaret Mahy

#maddigans #maddigans-fantasia #margaret-mahy #timon #timon-and-eden

At this stage I am not involved with young adults as closely as many other writers. My children are grown up and my grandchildren are still quite young.

— Margaret Mahy

#children #closely #grandchildren #grown #i

Every writer has to find their own way into writing.

— Margaret Mahy

#find #into #own #their #way

I don't think I prefer writing for one age group above another. I am just as pleased with a story which I feel works well for very small children as I do with a story for young adults.

— Margaret Mahy

#age #age group #am #another #children

Ellis's understanding of himself and the world around him certainly develops because of his adventures, and part of that development comes through recognizing other people for what they are.

— Margaret Mahy

#around #because #certainly #comes #development

I was able to work out all sorts of attitudes to style and event and character, all of which affected the way I came to think about my own writing. I believe that all good writers are original.

— Margaret Mahy

#about #affected #attitudes #believe #came

I've never actually been a fighter myself - fighting tires me out and I'm not an efficient fighter anyway - but I have certainly seen other people have great complicated goes at one another.

— Margaret Mahy

#another #anyway #been #certainly #complicated

I had to wait for a long time before I could support myself with writing. However, being a writer is what I have most wanted to be, from the time I was a child.

— Margaret Mahy

#being #child #could #had #however

About Margaret Mahy

Margaret Mahy Quotes

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She worked as a librarian in Petone the School Library Service in Christchurch and in 1976 was appointed Children's Librarian at Canterbury Public Library. It is named for the mythical bird phoenix which is reborn from its aMargaret Mahys to suggest the book's rise from obscurity. The Margaret Mahy Medal Award was establiMargaret Mahyd by the New Zealand Children's Book Foundation in 1991 to provide recognition of excellence in children's literature publishing and literacy in New Zealand.

(As of 2012 seven writers have won two Carnegies none three. Mahy won the annual Carnegie Medal from the Library Association recognising the year's best children's book by a British subject both for The Haunting (1982) and for The Changeover (1984). At her death Margaret Mahy was one of thirty writers to win the biennial international Hans Christian Andersen Award for her "lasting contribution to children's literature".

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