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Mark Kelly

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There are a lot of dedicated people out there that don't get the recognition that we get, but they're as important as the people that are sitting in the vehicle.

— Mark Kelly

#get #important #lot #out #people

A trip to space is a big motivator to give up some things in your personal life. Obviously, you can't give up everything and you don't want to.

— Mark Kelly

#everything #give #life #motivator #obviously

He's working a lot harder than I am. I tell these people that we really appreciate what they're doing for us.

— Mark Kelly

#appreciate #doing #harder #i #i am

I personally believe this Agency has always been very dedicated and has always worked as hard as it possibly can to do things as safely and as effectively as possible.

— Mark Kelly

#always #been #believe #dedicated #effectively

I'll be helping them getting suited up, getting them in the airlock, getting the airlock prepared, and getting them out the hatch, and then talking them through these three spacewalks.

— Mark Kelly

#hatch #helping #i #out #prepared

It's important to bring things back from the Space Station because, unlike somebody living at the house where the garbage truck comes by twice a week, they don't have that in space.

— Mark Kelly

#because #bring #comes #garbage #house

My family deals with those risks. The best I can do is talk to them about some of those risks. I'm not incredibly specific with them, especially with my kids.

— Mark Kelly

#best #deals #especially #family #i

The first two missions have some test objectives, some new capabilities that we're going to try to develop on orbit to possibly be used on later flights.

— Mark Kelly

#develop #first #flights #going #later

There's a lot of interest there in the missions that I fly on and the ones my brother's involved with.

— Mark Kelly

#fly #i #interest #involved #lot

There's been a lot of discussion about NASA culture and changing that. I think our culture has always been one of trying to do a very difficult job and do it well.

— Mark Kelly

#always #been #changing #culture #difficult

About Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly Quotes

Did you know about Mark Kelly?

In an interview filmed just over a week after the shooting Kelly said "She has Tombstone Arizona in her district the town that's too tough to die. In response to a question on February 4 regarding the discussions about civility in politics Kelly said: "I haven’t spent a lot of time following that but I think that with something that was so horrible and so negative and the fact that six people lost their lives including a nine-year old girl a federal judge Gabby’s staff member Gabe—who was like a younger brother to her—it’s really really a sad situation. After several delays Endeavour lifted off on December 5 2001 on the final Shuttle mission of 2001.

Kelly's identical twin brother Scott Kelly is also an astronaut and served as commander of International Space Station (ISS) Expedition 26. Navy Captain. His wife was the target of an attempted assassination in Tucson Arizona on January 8 2011.

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