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Mathieu Kassovitz

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HATE, even if it's making money. is an underground movie, that's how it was made. It's a film about police brutality in the largest sense, it's about the whole of society and not just about the hood.

— Mathieu Kassovitz

#brutality #even #film #hate #hood

Hood films now are made by studios and have nothing to do with the reality they supposedly represent.

— Mathieu Kassovitz

#hood #made #nothing #now #reality

I have a hard enough time speaking for myself - I don't pretend I can be a spokesman for anybody. I have no interest in playing that role.

— Mathieu Kassovitz

#enough #hard #i #i can #interest

I'm not a politician; I'm lucky to be a filmmaker and to be able to express myself through the films I make.

— Mathieu Kassovitz

#express #filmmaker #films #i #lucky

It's good that they've seen it, but how can I be satisfied after working for two years making a film which I hope will make a difference, when the government sees the film and does nothing about it?

— Mathieu Kassovitz

#after #difference #does #film #good

About Mathieu Kassovitz

Mathieu Kassovitz Quotes

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Sarkozy stirred controversy and outrage when he said the rioters were "scum" and should be "cleansed" from the banlieues (suburbs) with a "fire hose". Actor
Kassovitz is most famous outside France for his acting role as Nino Quincampoix in Jean-Pierre Jeunet's film Amélie.

Mathieu Kassovitz (born 3 August 1967) is a French director screenwriter producer editor and actor. Kassovitz is also the founder of MNP Entreprise a film production company.

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