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Maureen Dowd

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Military guys are rarely as smart as they think they are, and they've never gotten over the fact that civilians run the military.

— Maureen Dowd


The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.

— Maureen Dowd

#even #get #less #minute #settle

Maybe Obama was not even the person he was waiting for.

— Maureen Dowd

#maybe #obama #person #waiting

Celebrity distorts democracy by giving the rich, beautiful, and famous more authority than they deserve.

— Maureen Dowd

#authority #beautiful #celebrity #democracy #deserve

Reagan didn't socialize with the press. He spent his evenings with Nancy, watching TV with dinner trays. But he knew that to transcend, you can't condescend.

— Maureen Dowd

#evenings #his #knew #nancy #press

Wooing the press is an exercise roughly akin to picnicking with a tiger. You might enjoy the meal, but the tiger always eats last.

— Maureen Dowd

#always #eats #enjoy #exercise #last

One must not attempt to justify them, but rather to sense their nature simply and clearly.

— Maureen Dowd

#clearly #justify #must #nature #rather

About Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd Quotes

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That’s not always the most effective way to communicate your ideas even if the ideas themselves are right. Her columns often display a critical and irreverent attitude towards powerful mostly political figures such as former Presidents George W. For example Maureen Dowd has often referred to Bush as "W.

Dowd joined the Times in 1983 as a metropolitan reporter and eventually became an Op-Ed writer for the newspaper in 1995. Maureen Bridgid Dowd (born January 14 1952) is an American columnist for The New York Times and best-selling author. In 1999 Maureen Dowd was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for her series of columns on the Monica Lewinsky scandal in the Clinton administration.

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