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Mercy Otis Warren

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A superfluity of wealth, and a train of domestic slaves, naturally banish a sense of general liberty, and nourish the seeds of that kind of independence that usually terminates in aristocracy.

— Mercy Otis Warren

#banish #domestic #general #independence #kind

The study of the human character opens at once a beautiful and a deformed picture of the soul.

— Mercy Otis Warren

#character #deformed #human #once #opens

But truth is most likely to be exhibited by the general sense of contemporaries, when the feelings of the heart can be expressed without suffering itself to be disguised by the prejudices of man.

— Mercy Otis Warren

#disguised #exhibited #expressed #feelings #general

Democratic principles are the result of equality of condition.

— Mercy Otis Warren

#condition #democratic #principles #result

General Washington had rather incautiously encamped the bulk of his army on Long Island - a large and plentiful district about two miles from the city of New York.

— Mercy Otis Warren

#army #bulk #city #district #general

It may be a mistake, that man, in a state of nature, is more disposed to cruelty than courtesy.

— Mercy Otis Warren

#cruelty #disposed #man #may #mistake

On the evening of December 25, General Washington in a most severe season crossed the Delaware with a part of his army, then reduced to less than 2000 men in the whole.

— Mercy Otis Warren

#crossed #december #delaware #evening #general

Public emergencies may require the hand of severity to fall heavily on those who are not personally guilty, but compassion prompts, and ever urges to milder methods.

— Mercy Otis Warren

#emergencies #ever #fall #guilty #hand

The British were indeed very far superior to the Americans in every respect necessary to military operations, except the revivified courage and resolution, the result of sudden success after despair.

— Mercy Otis Warren

#british #courage #despair #every #except

The bulk of mankind have indeed, in all countries in their turn, been made the prey of ambition.

— Mercy Otis Warren

#been #bulk #countries #indeed #made

About Mercy Otis Warren

Mercy Otis Warren Quotes

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This was also the first history of the Revolution authored by a woman. Marriage
She married James Warren. The book contains eighteen political poems and two plays.

This was also the first history of the Revolution authored by a woman. In 1805 Mercy Otis Warren publiMercy Otis Warrend one of the earliest histories of the American war for independence a three-volume History of the Rise Progress and Termination of the American Revolution. During the years before the American Revolution Warren publiMercy Otis Warrend poems and plays that attacked royal authority in Massachusetts and urged colonists to resist British infringements on colonial rights and liberties.

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