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Rex Hunt

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I think it's time for me to get out, because at the moment I'm only thinking about fishing 21 hours a day, and they're the waking moments. And even when I close my eyes I'm thinking about it.

— Rex Hunt

#because #close #day #even #eyes

All I can say to the kids is if you've a problem in fishing or life, if you talk to an older person, you're gonna end up alright, because nine times out of 10, they've been through the same thing.

— Rex Hunt

#because #been #end #fishing #gonna

And one thing I can be proud of is we have a 'Come and Try Fishing' day every year. And there's 20 venues throughout the state, and see, these thousands of kids who've never been fishing come along.

— Rex Hunt

#been #come #day #every #fishing

And that does concern me, because we're not getting enough back for our taxes that we're paying. I think we really have to look at the whole sort of area.

— Rex Hunt

#back #because #concern #does #enough

From birth to death, anyone can fish. I just think it's fantastic to see old people going fishing with young people and teaching them things. I'm very, very critical.

— Rex Hunt

#birth #critical #death #fantastic #fish

I think it's wrong that so many people pass on from this existence, and take all their knowledge with them.

— Rex Hunt

#i #i think #knowledge #many #pass

I've known Jan, probably, very well for, well, for over a decade. And the passion that Jan just showed the viewers in that particular piece is very real.

— Rex Hunt

#i #jan #just #known #over

My wife says I'm making a noise like a stranded whale. I think I have a major snoring problem.

— Rex Hunt

#i think #like #major #making #noise

So, when I say 'match the hatch', if the fish are taking the nymph, and you're actually producing a replica of a flying insect, you'll catch fresh air.

— Rex Hunt

#air #catch #fish #flying #fresh

About Rex Hunt

Did you know about Rex Hunt?

then he'd either in the car or out of it depending on how cold it was fling off all his clothes. Road rage incident
Hunt has been charged with assault over allegations he baRex Huntd a cyclist in a Melbourne road rage attack. Personal life
Rex is married to wife Lynne and has one son Matthew and one daughter Rachel.

for the British diplomat see Rex Hunt (governor)
Rex James Hunt (born 7 March 1949) is an Australian television and radio personality and a former Australian rules football player. He is better known around the world for fishing and wildlife programs on the Seven Network.

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