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Richard Attenborough

Read through the most famous quotes from Richard Attenborough

I'm a passionate trade unionist.

— Richard Attenborough

#passionate #trade #unionist

And I believe we need heroes, I believe we need certain people who we can measure our own shortcomings by.

— Richard Attenborough

#certain #heroes #i #i believe #measure

I think it is obscene that we should believe that we are entitled to end somebody's life, no matter what that person has supposedly done or not done.

— Richard Attenborough

#done #end #entitled #i #i think

I am passionately opposed to capital punishment, and I have been all my life.

— Richard Attenborough

#been #capital #capital punishment #i #i am

I believe in trade unionism, and I believe in democracy, in democratic trade unionism.

— Richard Attenborough

#democracy #democratic #i #i believe #i believe in

I can't write, I can't paint, I don't compose.

— Richard Attenborough

#i #paint #write

I do care about style. I do care, but I only care about style that serves the subject.

— Richard Attenborough

#care #i #i do #only #serves

I don't read a great deal of fiction, to my shame, other than the classics.

— Richard Attenborough

#deal #fiction #great #great deal #i

I just love biography, and I'm fascinated by people who have shifted our destinies or our points of view.

— Richard Attenborough

#destinies #fascinated #i #just #love

I prefer fact to fiction.

— Richard Attenborough

#fiction #i #prefer

About Richard Attenborough

Richard Attenborough Quotes

Did you know about Richard Attenborough?

Producer and Director

In the late 1950s Attenborough formed a production company Beaver Films with Bryan Forbes and began to build a profile as a producer on projects including The League of Gentlemen (1959) The Angry Silence (1960) and Whistle Down the Wind (1961) also appearing in the first two of these as an actor. During the 1960s he expanded his range of character roles in films such as Séance on a Wet Afternoon (1964) and Guns at Batasi (1964) for which he won the BAFTA Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM). He also founded the Jane Holland Creative Centre for Learning at Waterford Kamhlaba in Swaziland in memory of his daughter who died in the tsunami on 26 December 2004.

As a film director and producer he won two Academy Awards for Gandhi in 1983. As an actor he is perhaps best known for his roles in Brighton Rock The Great Escape 10 Rillington Place Miracle on 34th Street and Jurassic Park.

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