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Robert Schumann

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When you play, never mind who listens to you.

— Robert Schumann

#performing #piano #music

Play always as if in the presence of a master.

— Robert Schumann

#performing #piano #music

If we were all determined to play the first violin we should never have an ensemble. therefore, respect every musician in his proper place.

— Robert Schumann

#ensemble #every #first #his #musician

Endeavour to play easy pieces well and with elegance; that is better than to play difficult pieces badly.

— Robert Schumann

#music #performing #music

Without enthusiasm nothing great can be effected in art.

— Robert Schumann

#enthusiasm #greatness #music #art

Think it a vile habit to alter works of good composers, to omit parts of them, or to insert new-fashioned ornaments. This is the greatest insult you can offer to Art.

— Robert Schumann

#composers #improvising #music #musicians #art

From a pound of iron, that costs little, a thousand watch-springs can be made, whose value becomes prodigious. The pound you have received from the Lord,--use it faithfully.

— Robert Schumann

#talent #talents #value #work #faith

You will be most readily cured of vanity or presumption by studying the history of music, and by hearing the master pieces which have been produced at different periods.

— Robert Schumann

#history #music #vanity #music

Talent works, genius creates.

— Robert Schumann

#genius #talent #works

Nothing right can be accomplished in art without enthusiasm.

— Robert Schumann

#art #enthusiasm #nothing #right #without

About Robert Schumann

Robert Schumann Quotes

Did you know about Robert Schumann?

) Brahms amazed Clara and Robert with his music stayed with them for several weeks and became a close family friend. After this his compositions were not confined to any one form during any particular period. Compositions
List of compositions by Robert Schumann
Category:Compositions by Robert Schumann

Fictional portrayals
Song of Love (1947) is an MGM film starring Paul Henreid as Schumann Katharine Hepburn as Clara Wieck Robert Walker as Johannes Brahms and Henry Daniell as Franz Liszt.

Schumann left the study of law to return to music intending to pursue a career as a virtuoso pianist. Had they waited one day they would have no longer needed her father's consent which had been the subject of a long and acrimonious legal battle which found in favor of Clara and Robert. For the last two years of his life after an attempted suicide Schumann was confined to a mental institution at his own request.

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