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Rory McIlroy

Read through the most famous quotes from Rory McIlroy

As long as I keep enjoying my golf, then hopefully I'll be able to play well.

— Rory McIlroy

#enjoying #golf #hopefully #i #keep

Going to the gym is great for your body, but it's also great for your mind.

— Rory McIlroy

#body #going #great #gym #mind

I always got very excited about the Masters as a kid. I could hardly wait until the Wednesday when you'd get the BBC's preview. And I'd then be glued to the screen until Sunday night.

— Rory McIlroy

#always #bbc #could #excited #get

I have always said I will try to answer questions honestly. I don't want to change that about myself. I think people appreciate that about me.

— Rory McIlroy

#always #answer #appreciate #change #honestly

I mean I don't want to feel inferior to any other golfer in the world. You know if you do that, then you know you're giving them an advantage, you know, right off the - you know, right from the start.

— Rory McIlroy

#any #feel #giving #golfer #i

I used to not really like going to the gym when I was playing tournaments because I'd be sore and stiff. But the more you keep doing it, the less soreness you have. And you actually start to enjoy it.

— Rory McIlroy

#because #doing #enjoy #going #gym

I want to try to become the best golfer in the world.

— Rory McIlroy

#best #golfer #i #try #want

I've always said the players don't build up rivalries themselves, people from the outside build up the rivalries. I just want to play good golf. I want to try and keep winning golf tournaments.

— Rory McIlroy

#build #golf #good #i #just

It's incredible, ridiculous really, isn't it? You realise you can make more money on the golf tour in one week than some people make in a lifetime.

— Rory McIlroy

#incredible #lifetime #make #money #more

On that Sunday of the Masters I remember turning on ESPN to find people talking about me. I switched over to the Golf Channel and people were talking about me. It was hard to escape.

— Rory McIlroy

#channel #escape #espn #find #golf

About Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy Quotes

Did you know about Rory McIlroy?

PGA Tour
*As of the 2012 season. 5 shafts
Putter – Nike Method Prototype 33"
Ball – Nike 20XI-X Resin Core
Bag – Nike 20XI Staff Bag. He became the youngest Affiliate Member in the history of The European Tour to earn a tour card.

In 2012 he became the youngest player to reach $10 million in career earnings on the PGA Tour. SportsPro has McIlroy rated as the second most marketable athlete in the world while the Golf Club Managers' Association's Golf Club Management magazine ranked him as the second most powerful person in British golf. He has been cited as the most exciting young prospect in golf and as having the potential to become one of the highest earners in sports in terms of endorsements.

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