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Seann William Scott

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I don't want to get home from work and wonder if I could have done better if I didn't go out that night. What you're doing is going to go on the big screen and go down in history.

— Seann William Scott

#big #big screen #could #doing #done

I find that when you see somebody in the tabloids all the time, you have no desire to see them in movies.

— Seann William Scott

#find #i #movies #see #somebody

I got my very last tattoo after my father died. I'm not getting anymore; otherwise I'll end up like Mike Tyson with a tattoo on my face.

— Seann William Scott

#anymore #died #end #face #father

I grew up in Minnesota and everyone is so nice there. It is like Fargo. Everyone's so chipper and you make friends just grocery shopping. We kill each other with kindness.

— Seann William Scott

#everyone #fargo #friends #grew #grocery

I grew up in Minnesota.

— Seann William Scott

#i #minnesota #up

I grew up, probably like a lot of people, on cartoons. And I never thought I would have the chance to be in an animated movie. It's good also to show the world my sweet side with them.

— Seann William Scott

#animated #cartoons #chance #good #grew

I live in New York, where people don't tend to go up to actors as much.

— Seann William Scott

#i #live #much #new #new york

I love being able to create something from the page and bring it to life.

— Seann William Scott

#being #bring #create #i #i love

I love everything Minnesota.

— Seann William Scott

#i #i love #love #minnesota

At times it's been weird because for the first phase of my career, I've been really well-known for a character that I was so not like and a character I never anticipated doing.

— Seann William Scott

#because #been #career #character #doing

About Seann William Scott

Seann William Scott Quotes

Did you know about Seann William Scott?

He is best known for playing the role of Steve Stifler in the American Pie series. For his supporting role in the first film Scott was paid only $8000. He made an appearance in Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as a guitar-playing animal rights activist and has a starring part as a police officer in Southland Tales where he re-unites with fellow actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with whom he had previously worked in The Rundown.

He also played roles in the films Final Destination Road Trip Dude Where's My Car? Evolution Bulletproof Monk The Rundown The Dukes of Hazzard Role Models Cop Out and Goon. He is best known for playing the role of Steve Stifler in the American Pie series. Seann William Scott (born October 3 1976) is an American actor and comedian.

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