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Sogyal Rinpoche

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There would be no chance to get to know death at all ...if it happened only once.

— Sogyal Rinpoche


Real devotion is an unbroken receptivity to the truth. Real devotion is rooted in an awed and reverent gratitude, but one that is lucid, grounded, and intelligent.

— Sogyal Rinpoche


Living with the immediacy of death helps you sort out your priorities in life. It helps you to live a less trivial life.

— Sogyal Rinpoche

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About Sogyal Rinpoche

Sogyal Rinpoche Quotes

Did you know about Sogyal Rinpoche?

In 1987 Rinpoche was invited to become spiritual director of the centre in County Cork in the west of Ireland which was to become Dzogchen Beara Rigpa’s first long-term retreat facility. ris med) movement which rose to prominence in eastern Tibet in the nineteenth century he frequently refers to teachings of all Tibetan traditions and also quotes from non-Tibetan sources such as the Dhammapada and teachers belonging to other traditions such as the Zen master Shunryu Suzuki. Rinpoche attended a Catholic school in Kalimpong and then university in Delhi before coming to the west.

He has been teaching for over 30 years and continues to travel widely in Europe America Australia and Asia. Sogyal Rinpoche (Tibetan: བསོད་རྒྱལ་ Wylie: Bsod-rgyal) (born 1947) is a Tibetan Dzogchen lama of the Nyingma tradition. Significant controversy due to claims of student abuse have been prominent for much of his career.

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