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Stephen Crane

Read through the most famous quotes from Stephen Crane

A man said to the universe: 'Sir, I exist!' 'However,' replied the universe. 'The fact has not created in me A sense of obligation.

— Stephen Crane

#existence #obligation #purpose #universe #purpose

It was not well to drive men into final corners; at those moments they could all develop teeth and claws.

— Stephen Crane

#war #courage

When the suicide arrived at the sky, the people there asked him: "Why?" He replied: "Because no one admired me.

— Stephen Crane

#death #heaven #suicide #death

Sometimes, the most profound of awakenings come wrapped in the quietest of moments.

— Stephen Crane

#inspirational-attitude #attitude

It perhaps might be said--if any one dared--that the most worthless literature of the world has been that which has been written by the men of one nation concerning the men of another.

— Stephen Crane

#value #writing #men

He saw that it was an ironical thing for him to be running thus toward that which he had been at such pains to avoid.

— Stephen Crane

#irony #red-badge-of-courage #war #courage

Tell her this And more,— That the king of the seas Weeps too, old, helpless man. The bustling fates Heap his hands with corpses Until he stands like a child With surplus of toys.

— Stephen Crane

#drowning #king-neptune #neptune #ocean #poseidon

The maddened four men followed frantically, for it is better to be in the presence of the awful than only within hearing. ("The Black Dog")

— Stephen Crane

#hearing #horror #men

And it was as if fate had betrayed the soldier. In death it exposed to his enemies that poverty which in life he had perhaps concealed from his friends.

— Stephen Crane


A serious prophet upon predicting a flood should be the first man to climb a tree. This would demonstrate that he was indeed a seer.

— Stephen Crane

#prophets #religion #courage

About Stephen Crane

Did you know about Stephen Crane?

Greco-Turkish War
Despite contentment in Jacksonville and the need for rest after his ordeal Crane became restless. Meanwhile Crane's affair with Taylor quickly blossomed. Portrayed favorably and heroically by the press Crane emerged from the ordeal with his reputation enhanced if not restored after the battering he received during the Dora Clark affair.

Prolific throughout his short life he wrote notable works in the Realist tradition as well as early examples of American Naturalism and Impressionism. Having little interest in university studies he left school in 1891 and began work as a reporter and writer.

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