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Steve Yzerman

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I've been hit hard a few times, been hit really hard a few times, but I don't think I've ever left a memorable, lasting impression on anyone I've ever hit.

— Steve Yzerman

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When you're on the ice, you have very little time, you see very little, and everything happens really quick.

— Steve Yzerman

#happens #ice #little #little time #quick

Balanced is probably what I am, although that's just a polite way to say that you don't do anything very well.

— Steve Yzerman

#am #anything #balanced #i #i am

I also feel I adapted. I was willing to try to fit into any role. The way I figured, it was always up to me to prove my worth, that I deserved to be here.

— Steve Yzerman

#also #always #any #deserved #feel

It's almost like you see too much, because when it happens for real, everything flies at you so fast, you never get a sense of the ice and where everyone is at that one moment.

— Steve Yzerman

#because #everyone #everything #fast #flies

We used to play a lot outdoors, not in leagues, but just in our spare time.

— Steve Yzerman

#leagues #lot #our #outdoors #play

And for the team, I always tried to do the right thing.

— Steve Yzerman

#do the right thing #i #i always #right #right thing

As a kid in British Columbia, going back a long way, I learned to skate.

— Steve Yzerman

#british #british columbia #columbia #going #i

Darren McCarty is a big video game guy, and he brings his systems with him on the road.

— Steve Yzerman

#brings #game #guy #him #his

I'm exhausted trying to stay healthy.

— Steve Yzerman

#exhausted #healthy #i #stay #trying

About Steve Yzerman

Steve Yzerman Quotes

Did you know about Steve Yzerman?

Yzerman's humility was evident in an interview regarding his achievment after the game when he was quoted saying "I don't really know the significance. When Scotty Bowman took over as coach in 1993 Yzerman initially chafed under Bowman's stern coaching style. On July 3 2006 Yzerman officially retired finishing his career ranked as the sixth all-time leading scorer in NHL history having scored a career-high 155 points (65 goals/90 assists) in 1988–89 which has been bettered only by Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.

Prior to the 1986–87 season at the age of 21 Yzerman was named captain of the Red Wings and continuously served for the next two decades (dressing as captain for over 1300 games) retiring as the longest-serving captain of any team in North American major league sports history. Yzerman has represented his country in several international tournaments as a member of Canada's national hockey team (Team Canada). Stephen Gregory "Steve" Yzerman (/ˈaɪzərmən/; born May 9 1965) is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player and current general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning of the National Hockey League.

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