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Terence Stamp

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A lot of newspapers say, Terence Stamp is playing himself and we're as bored as he is.

— Terence Stamp

#himself #lot #newspapers #playing #say

A lot of young directors, they're not confident; they're not open to the emotional level of the scene.

— Terence Stamp

#directors #emotional #emotional level #level #lot

As a boy I believed I could make myself invisible. I'm not sure that I ever could, but I certainly had the ability to pass unnoticed.

— Terence Stamp

#believed #boy #certainly #could #ever

A lot of people only see me as villains.

— Terence Stamp

#me #only #people #see #villains

All actors are incredibly insecure.

— Terence Stamp


Although you have some films that are a real bummer, there's always a film that comes up where it's just heaven.

— Terence Stamp

#always #bummer #comes #film #films

At this point, it's either for fun or it's for money. I don't take movies that I don't really like.

— Terence Stamp

#fun #i #like #money #movies

From the very first movie I ever made to the current time, there have been times between action and cut when I've sensed some kind of new dimension that I haven't been familiar with before.

— Terence Stamp

#been #before #between #current #cut

He's Soderbergh, we're working for him. It doesn't matter what he's doing; we'll see it at the premiere.

— Terence Stamp

#him #matter #premiere #see #soderbergh

In my youth I dreamed of being an illustrator.

— Terence Stamp

#dreamed #i #illustrator #youth

About Terence Stamp

Terence Stamp Quotes

Did you know about Terence Stamp?

In 2008 he appeared in the film remake of the spy comedy Get Smart and with Tom Cruise in Valkyrie based on the true story of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg's failed attempt to assassinate Hitler. He describes this period of his life very positively in his 1988 autobiography Stamp Album. Stamp's brother Chris became a rock music impresario credited with helping to bring The Who to prominence during the 1960s and co-founding Track Records.

Stamp has won a Golden Globe a Mystfest a Cannes Film Festival Award a Seattle International Film Festival Award a Satellite Award and a Silver Bear. Terence Henry Stamp (born 22 July 1938) is an English actor. His other major roles include butterfly collector Freddie Clegg in The Collector archvillain General Zod in Superman and Superman II tough guy Wilson in The Limey Supreme Chancellor Valorum in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace ghost antagonist Ramsley in The Haunted Mansion Elektra's master Stick in Elektra Pekwarsky in Wanted Maxwell Smart's archvillain Siegfried in Get Smart council of high help Terrence Bundley in Yes Man the Covenant Hierarch "Prophet of Truth" in Halo 3 and General Ludwig Beck in Valkyrie.

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