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Timothy Findley

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... too much brooding, not enough doing.

— Timothy Findley

#happiness #inspirational #inspirational

The spaces between the perceiver and the thing perceived can [...] be closed with a shout of recognition.

— Timothy Findley

#experience #knowledge #perception #recognition #art

1915. The year itself looks sepia and soiled-muddied like its pictures. In the snapshots everyone at first seems timid-lost-irresolute. Boys and men squinting at the camera.

— Timothy Findley


Somehow, the painting soothed him. It verified his fears. But it also informed him that fear was wonderful.

— Timothy Findley

#fear #fears #him #his #informed

About Timothy Findley

Timothy Findley Quotes

Did you know about Timothy Findley?

His writing was typical of the Southern Ontario Gothic style — Findley in fact first invented its name — and was heavily influenced by Jungian psychology. Findley was also an active mentor to a number of young Canadian writers including Marnie Woodrow and Elizabeth Ruth. Ont (October 30 1930 - June 21 2002) was a Canadian novelist and playwright.

He was also informally known by the nickname Tiff or Tiffy an acronym of his initials. Ont (October 30 1930 - June 21 2002) was a Canadian novelist and playwright. Timothy Irving Frederick Findley OC O.

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