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Warren Christopher

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Both sides were supposed to release all their prisoners, those were unconditional. There was some prisoner release that took place but it's not been satisfactory.

— Warren Christopher

#both #both sides #place #prisoner #prisoners

Despite the demands of this job, one of the things my wife and I try to do is to spend time together alone. And one of the things we really enjoy doing together is seeing a good movie.

— Warren Christopher

#demands #despite #doing #enjoy #good

I don't want to talk about intelligence matters. I will say, however, that intelligence-community estimates should not become public in the way of this city and in the way of Congress.

— Warren Christopher

#become #city #congress #estimates #however

I had all of one nanosecond to savor the news before we had to move on to other problems.

— Warren Christopher

#had #i #move #move on #news

I think before 1997 is over, NATO will have taken giant strides in what's called adaptation, the discussions about bringing the French fully into the NATO forces.

— Warren Christopher

#adaptation #before #bringing #called #discussions

I was born in a very small town in North Dakota, a town of only about 350 people. I lived there until I was 13. It was a marvelous advantage to grow up in a small town where you knew everybody.

— Warren Christopher

#advantage #born #dakota #everybody #grow

I'm very much in favor of focused responsibility, and so in the main areas that I'm worried about, I try to have a single person who is basically the key person in that area.

— Warren Christopher

#area #areas #basically #favor #focused

I'm very skeptical about the good intentions of Milosevic.

— Warren Christopher

#good #good intentions #i #intentions #milosevic

I've got many close friends, but there's an awful lot about friendship that is not demonstrative in my case.

— Warren Christopher

#awful #case #close #close friends #demonstrative

Environmental degradation, overpopulation, refugees, narcotics, terrorism, world crime movements, and organized crime are worldwide problems that don't stop at a nation's borders.

— Warren Christopher

#borders #crime #degradation #movements #narcotics

About Warren Christopher

Warren Christopher Quotes

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However on May 26 1994 President Clinton renewed China's low-tariff trading privileges effectively delinking the human rights issue from China's trade relations with the US. It was witnessed by Secretary Christopher for the United States and Andrei Kozyrev for Russia in the presence of President Clinton. He was described as "the best public servant I ever knew" by President Jimmy Carter in his memoirs.

During Bill Clinton's first term as President Christopher served as the 63rd Secretary of State. At the time of his death he was a Senior Partner at O'Melveny & Myers in the firm's Century City California office. At the behest of Al Gore Christopher oversaw the Vice President's Florida recount effort in the aftermath of the disputed United States Presidential election 2000.

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