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Warren Farrell

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Companies like I.B.M. have offered women scholarships to study engineering for years, and women engineers routinely get higher starting salaries than men.

— Warren Farrell

#engineering #engineers #get #higher #i

Feminists have confused opportunity with outcome.

— Warren Farrell

#feminists #opportunity #outcome

For example, the equivalent of a woman being treated as a sex object is a man being treated as a success object.

— Warren Farrell

#equivalent #example #for example #man #object

I don't have children that I've lost in a bitter custody dispute. But I see an enormous wound in kids due to a lack of their dads.

— Warren Farrell

#children #custody #dads #dispute #due

I found that women entrepreneurs earn 50% less than their male counterparts.

— Warren Farrell

#earn #entrepreneurs #found #i #less

I started to get very well recognized in the early seventies as the only man in the United States who had been elected three times to the board of NOW in New York City.

— Warren Farrell

#board #city #early #elected #get

I'm an awfully loyal friend. Once I've started a relationship with someone, it's like they are syrup and I'm a pancake. Their syrup gets into my pancake, so to speak.

— Warren Farrell

#friend #gets #i #into #like

I've gone from being quite wealthy, when I was defending women, to being quite poor defending men.

— Warren Farrell

#defending #gone #i #men #poor

In fact, the socialization gives us the tools to fill our evolutionary roles. They are our building blocks.

— Warren Farrell

#building #building blocks #evolutionary #fact #fill

When women hold off from marrying men, we call it independence. When men hold off from marrying women, we call it fear of commitment.

— Warren Farrell

#commitment #fear #hold #independence #marrying

About Warren Farrell

Warren Farrell Quotes

Did you know about Warren Farrell?

Warren Farrell holds a Ph. Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men?: A Debate.  
Farrell W; Sterba JP; Svoboda S (2008).

All of his books are related to men's and women studies; consistent to his books since the early 90's has been a call for a gender transition movement. He came to prominence in the 1970s as one of the leading male thinkers championing the cause of second wave feminism and serving on the New York City Board of the National Organization of Women (NOW). His books cover twelve fields: history law sociology and politics (The Myth of Male Power); couples’ communication (Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say and Father and Child Reunion); economic and career issues (Why Men Earn More); child psychology and child custody (Father and Child Reunion); and teenage to adult psychology and socialization (Why Men Are The Way They Are and The Liberated Man).

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