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Werner Herzog

Read through the most famous quotes from Werner Herzog

What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.

— Werner Herzog

#monsters #ocean #sleep #dreams

Do you not then hear this horrible scream all around you that people usually call silence.

— Werner Herzog


Academia is the death of cinema. It is the very opposite of passion. Film is not the art of scholars, but of illiterates.

— Werner Herzog

#film #movies #passion #scholars #scholarship

In the face of the obscene, explicit malice of the jungle, which lacks only dinosaurs as punctuation, I feel like a half-finished, poorly expressed sentence in a cheap novel.

— Werner Herzog


People think we had a love-hate relationship. Well, I did not love him, nor did I hate him. We had mutual respect for each other, even as we both planned each other's murder.

— Werner Herzog

#love #respect #love

You should look straight at a film; that's the only way to see one. Film is not the art of scholars but of illiterates.

— Werner Herzog

#film #look #only #scholars #see

I know whenever it comes to be really dysfunctional and vile and base and hostile on screen, I'm good at that!

— Werner Herzog

#comes #dysfunctional #good #hostile #i

I cannot work fast enough. I cannot cope fast enough, really. And just releasing a film is hard.

— Werner Herzog

#cope #enough #fast #film #hard

Facts sometimes have a strange and bizarre power that makes their inherent truth seem unbelievable.

— Werner Herzog

#facts #inherent #makes #power #seem

I don't spend sleepless nights over getting very bad reviews.

— Werner Herzog

#getting #i #nights #over #reviews

About Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog Quotes

Did you know about Werner Herzog?

The band took its name from the Popol Vuh a manuscript of Quiché Maya kingdom after watching Herzog's Fata Morgana in which Lotte Eisner reads parts of the Popol Vuh. He won Bavarian Film Award in 1988 for Cobra Verde and International Documentary Association Award for Little Dieter Needs to Fly in 1998. His treatment of subjects has been characterized as Wagnerian in its scope as Fitzcarraldo and his later film Invincible (2001) are directly inspired by opera or operatic themes.

French filmmaker François Truffaut once called Herzog "the most important film director alive" and American film critic Roger Ebert stated that Herzog "has never created a single film that is compromised shameful made for pragmatic reasons or uninteresting. Even his failures are spectacular. ".

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