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I know that our world is going through a very difficult time right now, but I will never lose my faith in humanity, and our incredible ability to overcome just about anything.

— Yanni

#humanity #power #faith

I tend to avoid writing music about initial reactions to situations, like frustration or anger. I'd rather wait till I go through the problem, and write about the learning that took place.

— Yanni

#music #yanni #anger

I am so happy that I didn't go to school and I didn't have anyone to tell me how to position my fingers on the piano correctly.

— Yanni

#anyone #correctly #fingers #go #happy

I don't really like to explain my songs.

— Yanni

#i #like #really #songs

Truth is the number one element in whatever you do with music.

— Yanni

#music #number #truth #truth is #whatever

Not being able to read and write music is not the same as being illiterate in speech and writing.

— Yanni

#being #illiterate #music #read #same

When you hear 'Truth of Touch,' I believe you recognize that it is me; however it's not the typical Yanni album.

— Yanni

#believe #hear #however #i #i believe

It has never been necessary for me to learn how to read music.

— Yanni

#how #learn #me #music #necessary

And going into my studio at night, particularly at night when everybody's asleep, is just a total pleasure for me.

— Yanni

#everybody #going #into #just #me

About Yanni

Yanni Quotes

Did you know about Yanni?

" Referring to his creative experiences on the 2009 Voices project Yanni explained that "while most of the music I write is instrumental I love to use the human voice as another instrument. In 2000 The Los Angeles Times' Don Heckman wrote that Yanni was "a living metaphor for Success on Your Own Terms the dream of every American with an idea that is either ridiculed or ignored. " Distinguishing his work from what others have called ambient mood music Yanni pointed out in 1994: "New Age implies a more subdued more relaxed music than what I do.

: /ˈjɑːni/ YAH-nee) is a Greek pianist keyboardist composer and music producer (born Yiannis Hryssomallis; Greek: Γιάννης Χρυσομάλλης Giannis Chrysomallis; November 14 1954) who has spent his adult life in the United States. Yanni continues to use the musical shorthand that he developed as a child blending jazz classical soft rock and world music to create predominantly instrumental works.

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