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Well, I got pretty good and went on the road with a group. We starved. At that time I didn't realize that you'd work one gig in Kansas City, the next in Florida and the next gig will be in Louisville. You know, a thousand miles a night. That was really rough, man.

Wes Montgomery

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He continued to play outstanding live jazz guitar as evidenced by surviving audio and video recordings from his 1965 tour of Europe. He was known for his ability to play Christian's solos note for note and was hired by Lionel Hampton for this ability. Montgomery toured with Lionel Hampton early in his career however the combined stress of touring and being away from family brought him back home to Indianapolis.

He is widely considered one of the major jazz guitarists emerging after such seminal figures as Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian and influencing countless others including George Benson Kenny Burrell Grant Green Jimi Hendrix Steve Howe Russell Malone Pat Martino Pat Metheny Randy Napoleon and Emily Remler. John Leslie "Wes" Montgomery (March 6 1923 – June 15 1968) was an American jazz guitarist.

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