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I'm not a knee-jerk conservative. I passionately believe in free markets and less government, but not to the point of being a libertarian.

Rupert Murdoch

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In the United States Murdoch and chief executives from several major corporations including Hewlett-Packard Boeing and Disney joined New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to form the Partnership for a New American Economy to advocate "for immigration reform – including a path to legal status for all undocumented immigrants now in the United States. Davis later backed out of a deal with Murdoch to purchase John Kluge's Metromedia television stations. Murdoch is a supporter of more open immigration policies in western nations generally.

By 2000 Murdoch's News Corporation owned over 800 companies in more than 50 countries with a net worth of over $5 billion. Keith Rupert Murdoch AC KSG (born 11 March 1931) is an Australian American media mogul. He moved to New York in 1974 to expand into the US market but retained interests in Australia and Britain.

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