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We must believe what is good and true about the prophets, that they were sages, that they did understand what proceeded from their mouths, and that they bore prudence on their lips.


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This revelation the external self-emanation of God is expressed by Origen in various ways the Logos being only one of many. At first devoted to the contemplation and love of their creator almost all of these intelligences eventually grew bored of contemplating God their love for him cooling off. Origen distinctly emphasised the independence of the Logos as well as the distinction from the being and substance of God.

However in recent years the idea has found some reconsideration especially among Restorationist Christian groups. Notably he frequently referred to his hypothesis of the pre-existence of souls. Origen was a prolific writer in multiple branches of theology including textual criticism biblical exegesis and hermeneutics philosophical theology preaching and spirituality.

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