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After Sleater-Kinney broke up in 2006 I had very little desire to play music. It took well over three years before picking up a guitar meant anything to me other than an exercise.

Carrie Brownstein

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She later said "he lived in the neighborhood next to mine so I would just walk my guitar over to his house. Other work
Brownstein and former Helium guitarist/singer Mary Timony recording as The Spells released The Age of Backwards E. They formed Sleater-Kinney as a side project and released the Free to Fight split single with Cypher in the Snow.

Since 2010 Brownstein has sung and played guitar for the band Wild Flag; they released their self-titled debut album in September 2011. Brownstein stars with co-developer Fred Armisen in Portlandia a sketch comedy show which began airing in January 2011 on the Independent Film Channel.

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