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As soon as a friendship passed a certain point - some obscure and secret boundary - a woman quite automatically became overwhelmed by a raging compulsion to complicate things.

David Eddings

#women #friendship

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After graduating from high school in 1949 he worked for a year before majoring in speech drama and English at junior college. The Losers (1992) - a story about a man struggling to rebuild his life after an accident. On January 26 2007 it was reported that Eddings accidentally burned about a quarter of his office next door to his house along with his Excalibur sports car and the original manuscripts for most of his novels.

With his wife Leigh he authored several best-selling epic fantasy novel series including The Belgariad (1982–84) The Malloreon (1987–91) The Elenium (1989–91) The Tamuli (1992–94) and The Dreamers (2003–06).

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