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I have been seeing dragons again. Last night, hunched on a beaver dam, one held a body like a badly held cocktail; his tail, keeping the beat of a waltz, sent a morse of ripples to my canoe. They are not richly bright but muted like dawns or the vague sheen on a fly's wing. Their old flesh drags in folds as they drop into grey pools, strain behind a tree. Finally the others saw one today, trapped, tangled in our badminton net. The minute eyes shuddered deep in the creased face while his throat, strangely fierce, stretched to release an extinct burning inside: pathetic loud whispers as four of us and the excited spaniel surrounded him.

Michael Ondaatje

#humour #magic-realism #mythical-beasts #life

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: /ɒnˈdɑːtʃiː/; born September 12 1943) OC is a Sri Lankan-born Canadian novelist and poet. Philip Michael Ondaatje (pron.

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