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Mr. Rivenhall said to Sophy, “If this is your doing—!” “I promise you it is not. If I thought that he had the smallest notion of your hostility, I should say that he had rolled you up, Charles, foot and guns!” He was obliged to laugh. “I doubt if he would have the smallest notion of anything less violent than a blow from a cudgel. How you can tolerate the fellow!” “I told you that I was not at all nice in my ideas. Come, don’t let us talk of him! I have sworn an oath to heaven not to quarrel with you today.” “You amaze me! Why?” “Don’t be such an ape!” she begged. “I want to drive your grays, of course!

Georgette Heyer

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The book appeared in the midst of the UK General Strike of 1926; as a result the novel received no newspaper coverage reviews or advertising. Her knowledge of the period was so extensive that Heyer rarely mentioned dates explicitly in her books; instead Georgette Heyer situated the story by casually referring to major and minor events of the time.

Heyer chose not to file lawsuits against the suspected literary thieves but tried multiple ways of minimizing her tax liability. For the rest of her life Georgette Heyer refused to grant interviews telling a friend: "My private life concerns no one but myself and my family.

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