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Selling eight million copies of your first album will mess you up.

Don Henley

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This group filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the Napster case urging District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel not to accept the industry's broad claims of works made for hire authorship. Chiles who was no longer in a relationship with Henley at the time of the incident later said "I was shocked to hear about it. Henley again won the Best Male Rock Vocal Performance Grammy in 1990 for the album.

He and Glenn Frey formed one of the most successful songwriting partnerships in music history. The Eagles have sold over 120 million albums worldwide won six Grammy Awards had five #1 singles 17 Top 40 singles and six #1 albums. [citation needed]
After the Eagles broke up in 1980 Henley pursued a solo career and released his debut album in 1982.

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