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When the second record came out, they started calling it The Band. I voted to call it The Crackers. I'm no fool.

Levon Helm

#call #calling #came #crackers #fool

My happiest memory of childhood was my first birthday in reform school. This teacher took an interest in me. In fact, he gave me the first birthday presents I ever got: a box of Cracker Jacks and a can of ABC shoe polish.

Flip Wilson

#birthday #box #childhood #cracker #ever

If there was ever any truth to the trickle-down theory, the only evidence of it I've ever seen was in that period of 1960 to 1965. All of sudden they were handing out major label recording contracts like they were coming in Cracker Jack boxes.

Dave Van Ronk

#boxes #coming #contracts #cracker #ever

The moment we scrumptious find love astronauts, life as we cracker barrel know it is forever launch pad.

Isabel Yosito

#barrel #cracker #find #forever #know

I don't know," I said. "What else did you do for your first eighteen years?" "Like I said," he said as I unlocked the car, "I'm not so sure that you should go by my example." "Why not?" "Because I have my regrets," he said. "Also, I'm a guy. And guys do different stuff." "Like ride bikes?" I said. "No," he replied. "Like have food fights. And break stuff. And set off firecrackers on people's front porches. And..." "Girls can't set off firecrackers on people's front porches?" "They can," he said... "But they're smart enough not to. That's the difference.

Sarah Dessen

#auden #boys #eli #firecrackers #girls

The nutcracker sits under the holiday tree, a guardian of childhood stories. Feed him walnuts and he will crack open a tale...

Vera Nazarian

#christmas #holiday #holidays #nutcracker #nuts

If I'm making a movie and get hungry, I call time-out and eat some crackers.

Carol Alt

#call #crackers #eat #get #hungry

Oz: "Oh, hey! Animal cracker?" Willow: "No, thank you. How's your arm?" Oz: "Suddenly painless." Willow: "You can still play the guitar okay?" Oz: "Oh, not well, but not worse." Willow: "Y'know, I never really thanked you." Oz: "Oh, yeah, please don't. I don't do thanks. I get all red. Have to bail. It's not pretty." Willow: "Well, then forget that thing. Especially with the part where I kind of owe you my life." Oz: "Oh, look! Monkey! And he has a little hat. And little pants." Willow: "Yeah, I see!" Oz: "The monkey's the only cookie animal that gets to wear clothes, you know that? You have the sweetest smile I've ever seen. So, I'm wondering, do the other cookie animals feel sorta ripped? Like, is the hippo going, 'Hey, man, where are my pants? I have my hippo dignity!' And you know the monkey's just, 'I mock you with my monkey pants!' And there's a big coup in the zoo." Willow: "The monkey is French?" Oz: "All monkeys are French. You didn't know that?

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' writers

#banter #buffy-the-vampire-slayer #humour #life

We made 16 episodes of Cracker and I loved doing the show, but unfortunately no one was watching us.

Josh Hartnett

#doing #episodes #i #loved #made

Nicknames are baseball, names like Zeke and Pie and Kiki and Home Run and Cracker and Dizzy and Dazzy.

Ernie Harwell

#cracker #dizzy #home #home run #like

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