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Alton Brown

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Very good cooks who are employed as 'chefs' rarely refer to themselves as 'chefs.' They refer to themselves as 'cooks.'

— Alton Brown

#cooks #employed #good #rarely #refer

Everything in food is science. The only subjective part is when you eat it.

— Alton Brown

#everything #food #only #part #science

Although I don't take myself very seriously, I do take my work extraordinarily seriously.

— Alton Brown

#extraordinarily #i #i do #myself #seriously

Culinary tradition is not always based on fact. Sometimes it's based on history, on habits that come out of a time when kitchens were fueled by charcoal.

— Alton Brown

#based #charcoal #come #culinary #fact

I like television. I still believe that television is the most powerful form of communication on Earth - I just hate what is being done with it.

— Alton Brown

#being done #believe #communication #done #earth

I'm going from doing all of the work to having to delegate the work - which is almost harder for me than doing the work myself. I'm a lousy delegator, but I'm learning.

— Alton Brown

#delegate #doing #going #harder #having

Laughing brains are more absorbent.

— Alton Brown

#laughing #more

A lot of food shows need only to tempt. Some food shows only need to inspire, to empower. And there are a lot of shows that do that.

— Alton Brown

#food #inspire #lot #need #only

My college degree was in theater. But the real reason, if I have any success in that milieu, so to speak, is because I spent a lot of years directing, I spent a lot of years behind the camera.

— Alton Brown

#because #behind #camera #college #college degree

The worst food you'll ever eat will probably be prepared by a 'cook' who calls himself a 'chef.' Mark my words.

— Alton Brown

#calls #chef #cook #eat #ever

About Alton Brown

Alton Brown Quotes

Did you know about Alton Brown?

In 2012 Brown gained popularity by pioneering the use of humorous "Analog Tweets" wherein he posts pictures of hand-drawn Twitter responses on Post-it notes which he has stuck to his computer monitor. The episodes trace the majority of the length of the Mississippi River through Brown's travels. He was initially called by GE to help their engineers learn more about the effects of heat on food; that grew into an active cooperation to develop GE's Trivection oven.

He was named "Best Food Guru" by Atlanta magazine in 2005. Bon Appétit magazine named him "Cooking Teacher of the Year" in 2004. He is the creator and host of the Food Network television show Good Eats the mini-series Feasting on Asphalt and Feasting on Waves and host and main commentator on Iron Chef America.

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