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Allan Sherman

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You want to fall in love with a shoe, go ahead. A shoe can't love you back, but, on the other hand, a shoe can't hurt you too deeply either. And there are so many nice-looking shoes.

— Allan Sherman

#back #deeply #either #fall #go

Adultery - which is the only grounds for divorce in New York - is not grounds for divorce in California. As a matter of fact, adultery in Southern California is grounds for marriage.

— Allan Sherman

#california #divorce #fact #grounds #marriage

Grandma cheated whenever she could. She cheated because it was a much more scientific and surer way of winning than trusting to luck.

— Allan Sherman

#cheated #could #grandma #luck #more

I had moved out of the Edison Hotel because I couldn't pay the bill and was living at the Lincoln Hotel, where I couldn't pay the bill either, but it was cheaper.

— Allan Sherman

#bill #cheaper #edison #either #had

I didn't decide I was crazy until 1952. That's when I began making a steady salary and could afford to be crazy.

— Allan Sherman

#began #could #crazy #decide #i

I have always lived beyond my means. I am still trying to live beyond my means, but it is getting harder all the time. I am very rich.

— Allan Sherman

#am #beyond #getting #harder #i

I was having trouble making ends meet, and my beginnings weren't meeting either.

— Allan Sherman

#either #ends #having #i #making

In Hollywood if you are not working, you are a leper. True, you are probably living in the most expensive leper colony in the world.

— Allan Sherman

#expensive #hollywood #leper #living #most

It's a play where something went wrong, 'Cause it's five hours, twelve minutes long. If you sit there, my friend, From beginning 'til end, Then your bladder better be strong!

— Allan Sherman

#beginning #better #bladder #cause #end

Our act started at the bottom and went downhill.

— Allan Sherman

#bottom #downhill #our #started #went

About Allan Sherman

Allan Sherman Quotes

Did you know about Allan Sherman?

Due to his parents constantly moving to new residences Allan attended over a dozen public schools in Chicago New York Los Angeles and Miami. Although Sherman believed that all the songs parodied on My Son the Folk Singer were in the public domain two of them "Matilda" and "Water Boy" – parodied as "My Zelda" and "Seltzer Boy" respectively – were actually under copyright and Sherman was sued for copyright infringement. Television producer Mark Goodson used Sherman's idea and turned it into I've Got a Secret which ran on CBS from 1952 to 1967.

His first album My Son the Folk Singer (1962) became the fastest-selling record album up to that time. Allan Sherman (born Allan Copelon; November 30 1924 – November 20 1973) was an American comedy writer and television producer who became famous as a song parodist in the early 1960s.

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