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Bobby Short

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But life is tough and if you're creative, it's tougher.

— Bobby Short

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Even in today's opera world, the position of the black tenor is problematic.

— Bobby Short

#even #opera #position #problematic #tenor

I was very young at the time, and I mainly appreciated their vocal qualities, even though I was already living as they did - as black performers in a white world.

— Bobby Short

#appreciated #black #did #even #i

If you try to do that in pop music - to play only rare show tunes, for example - people don't come.

— Bobby Short

#example #for example #music #only #people

Once in a while, I try to sneak in something less known anyway.

— Bobby Short

#i #known #less #once #sneak

About Bobby Short

Bobby Short Quotes

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Short (accompanied by Beverly Peer on bass and Dick Sheridan on drums) became an institution at the Carlyle as Feyer had been before him and remained there as a featured performer for over 35 years. Then Allen used his recording "I Happen To Like New York" for opening title of Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993). He began performing as a busker after leaving home at the age of eleven for Chicago with his mother's permission.

Johnson Andy Razaf Fats Waller Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn presenting their work not in a polemical way but as simply the obvious equal of that of their white contemporaries. He also championed African-American composers of the same period such as Eubie Blake James P.

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