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Caryl Chessman

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A cat, I am told, has nine lives. If that is true, I know how a cat feels.

— Caryl Chessman

#cat #feels #how #i #i am

Further, a document names and identifies the actual Red Light Bandits (plural), because in fact there are two.

— Caryl Chessman

#bandits #because #document #fact #further

I am not generally regarded as a pleasant or socially minded fellow.

— Caryl Chessman

#fellow #generally #i #i am #minded

If the executioner goes, my package will never be made public. If he doesn't go, it will be made public exactly fifty years from the day the bill for a moratorium on capital punishment is defeated.

— Caryl Chessman

#capital #capital punishment #day #defeated #exactly

It is my hope and my belief that you will be able to report that I died with dignity, without animal fear and without bravado. I owe that much to myself.

— Caryl Chessman

#animal #belief #bravado #died #dignity

My soul is not for sale.

— Caryl Chessman

#sale #soul

The price I have personally paid for these extra Sisyphean years has been prohibitive.

— Caryl Chessman

#extra #i #paid #personally #price

About Caryl Chessman

Did you know about Caryl Chessman?

". His memoirs became bestsellers and ignited a worldwide movement to spare his life while focusing attention on the politics of the death penalty in the United States at a time when most Western countries had already abandoned it or were in the process of doing so. He is also referenced in the Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota unedited song "Un tal Bridgitte Barlot".

Caryl Whittier Chessman (May 27 1921 – May 2 1960) was a convicted robber and rapist who gained fame as a death row inmate in California.

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