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Curtis Sittenfeld

Read through the most famous quotes from Curtis Sittenfeld

I always worried someone would notice me, and then when no one did, I felt lonely.

— Curtis Sittenfeld

#blending-in #lonely

Perhaps this is how you know you're doing the thing you're intended to: No matter how slow or how slight your progress, you never feel that it's a waste of time.

— Curtis Sittenfeld


I wanted to hold happiness in reserve, like a bottle of champagne. I postponed it because I was afraid, because I overvalued it, and then I didn't want to use it up, because what do you wish for then?

— Curtis Sittenfeld

#taking-chances #dreams

She has always been a bystander in family destruction, never realizing she herself possessed the capacity to inflict it.

— Curtis Sittenfeld

#family #dreams

I had the fleeting thought then that we are each of us pathetic in one way or another, and the trick is to marry a person whose patheticness you can tolerate.

— Curtis Sittenfeld

#relationships #marriage

…it never comes down to a single thing you did or didn’t do or say. You might convince yourself it did, but it didn’t.

— Curtis Sittenfeld


And how heartbreaking, because if it were all just a few degrees different, she is pretty sure they could be quite happy together.

— Curtis Sittenfeld

#love #life

All things being equal, why not be married to a rich man? (Somewhere, Hannah thinks, there must be a needlepoint pillow asking this very question in a cleverer way.)

— Curtis Sittenfeld

#marriage #riches #dreams

You don't make waves unless there's a reason, and it better be good. Because once you do, that's it. You're a trouble make, and they never think of you any other way.

— Curtis Sittenfeld

#power #revelation #trouble-maker #waves #change

There was a way in which my grandmother's true self was not these guests' business; no one's true self was the business of more than a very small number of family members or close friends.

— Curtis Sittenfeld

#self #truth #business

About Curtis Sittenfeld

Did you know about Curtis Sittenfeld?

She also has an illegal abortion and discovers that her grandmother is a secret lesbian. Her brother P.

She is author of three novels: Prep the tale of a Massachusetts prep school The Man of My Dreams a coming-of-age novel and an examination of romantic love and American Wife a fictional story loosely based on the life of First Lady Laura Bush as well as a number of short stories. Elizabeth Curtis Sittenfeld (born 1975) is an American writer.

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