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Dick Bruna

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Before he went to sleep, I told him a little story about a rabbit we saw run around the beach house we rented.

— Dick Bruna

#around #beach #before #him #house

But I don't sit down and think: this is meant for children.

— Dick Bruna

#down #i #meant #sit #think

But we discovered that, although I liked publishing, the commercial side meant nothing at all to me.

— Dick Bruna

#commercial #discovered #i #liked #me

Each book first begins with a little idea.

— Dick Bruna

#book #each #first #idea #little

I come from a family of business people, but I had the idea I wanted to become an artist.

— Dick Bruna

#become #business #business people #come #family

I did about 2000 covers altogether, for all sorts of books - from Shakespeare to James Bond - and I always had the idea that I must give 100%, no matter who the author was.

— Dick Bruna

#altogether #always #author #bond #books

I have been drawing all my life.

— Dick Bruna

#drawing #i #life #my life

I thought it was amazing to work with authors, to get a manuscript and try to make up a cover for it.

— Dick Bruna

#authors #cover #get #i #make

I thought it would be very nice to become Picasso or Rembrandt, or a van Gogh.

— Dick Bruna

#gogh #i #nice #picasso #rembrandt

I want a nice picture book with 12 pictures - I do my best with that format.

— Dick Bruna

#book #format #i #i do #nice

About Dick Bruna

Dick Bruna Quotes

Did you know about Dick Bruna?

1999/2002. [citation needed] His company A. 1953 The Apple
1955 Toto In Volendam Miffy Miffy at the Zoo The Small King
1957 Tijs The Car
1959 The Apple The Bird Kitty Nell Tilly and Tessa
1962 The Egg The King Circus The Fish
1963 Christmas Miffy Miffy at the Zoo Miffy in the Snow Miffy at the Seaside Little Bird Tweet
1964 The School The Sailor
1966 Cinderella Hop-o'-my-thumb Red Riding Hood Snow White
1967 B is for Bear
1968 A Story to Tell I Can Count
1969 Snuffy Snuffy and the Fire I can Read I Can Read More
1970 Miffy Goes Flying Miffy's Birthday
1972 I Can Count More My Vest is White Animal Book Animals From Our Land Animals From Other Countries
1974 Another Story to Tell I Am a Clown
1975 Flower Book Miffy at the Playground Miffy in the Hospital
1976 I Can Read Much More I Can Read Difficult Words
1977 Basje Goes to Stay at the Children's Neurology Department Poppy Pig Poppy Pig's Garden
1979 Birthday Book for UNICEF Miffy's Dream
1980 Poppy Pig Goes to Market When I Grow up I Can Do Sums I Can Do More Sums Children's Hemophilia Book
1982 Blue Boat Round Square Triangular Farmer John Miffy's Bicycle
1984 The Rescue The Orchestra Miffy at School
1985 My Book of Sports Whose Hat is That Back to Front
1986 Spring Summer Autumn and Winter Poppy Pig's Birthday Snuffy's Puppies
1988 Miffy Goes to Stay Grandpa and Grandma Bunny Stop at the Kerb! [sic] Iris- A Book Without Words (revised edition 2000)
1989 Boris Bear Boris and Barbara Boris on the Mountain
1990 The Writer Lottie Miffy is Crying Miffy's House
1992 Auntie Alice's Party
1994 Boris in the Snow Boris Barbara and Benny Poppy Pig is Sick
1995 Hettie the Hedgehog Moo Says the Cow Miffy in the Tent
1996 What We're Going to Be The Dolly's Hair is Red Boris Bear's Boat Dear Grandma Bunny
1997 Do You Know Why I Am Crying? Miffy at the Gallery
1998 Poppy Pig Goes on Holiday Poppy Pig's Shop Caleb and Noah's Arc
1999 Miffy and Melanie Ping and Bing Boris and the Umbrella
2000 Mister Knee
2001 Miffy and the Ghost Miffy and the Fairy
2002 Miffy Dances Boris the Pilot Barbara's Clothes Chest
2003 Boris the Champion Miffy's Letter The New Baby
2004 A Song for Poppy Pig Miffy's Garden
2005 Snuffy is Lost Boris and Ko Miffy in Lolly Land Boris Does the Shopping A Flute for Miffy
2006 Peter Bird Flopear
2007 Queen Miffy
As appeared in 'Dick Bruna' 2006 with edits made by Dolph Kohnstamm based on a conversation with Bruna.

Additionally Bruna has also created stories for characters such as Lottie Farmer John and Hettie Hedgehog. Bruna and Zoon. His most popular designs graced the covers of the Zwarte Beertjes series of books.

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