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Donald E. Westlake

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A friend of mine, now retired, was then a major exec at a major bank, and one of her jobs, the last four years, was the farewell interview.

— Donald E. Westlake

#farewell #four #friend #her #interview

All of the changes in publishing since 1960 are significant. There are far fewer publishers.

— Donald E. Westlake

#far #fewer #publishers #publishing #significant

Everybody in New York is looking for something. Once in a while, somebody finds it.

— Donald E. Westlake

#finds #looking #new #new york #once

I loved it, but social reality impeded. Now I wander in here at 9 in the morning or so, and come back for a while in the afternoon. I am a very lenient boss.

— Donald E. Westlake

#am #back #boss #come #here

I make a note, set it aside, and hope it makes sense when the time comes to look at it again.

— Donald E. Westlake

#aside #comes #hope #i #look

If it weren't for received ideas, the publishing industry wouldn't have any ideas at all.

— Donald E. Westlake

#ideas #industry #publishing #received #weren

If you think of movie studio executives, say, as society, then I root for the independent producers.

— Donald E. Westlake

#i #independent #movie #producers #root

Nothing about it interested me. Or about anything else, except making up stories. If literacy weren't so nearly universal, God knows what I'd be. A drain on the State, I shouldn't wonder.

— Donald E. Westlake

#anything #drain #else #except #god

Once he became a series character, I made the conscious choice that he would never act like a series character, never wink at the reader, never pull his punches. Better for him, better for me.

— Donald E. Westlake

#became #better #character #choice #conscious

Sorry; I have no space left for advice. Just do it.

— Donald E. Westlake

#i #just #just do it #left #sorry

About Donald E. Westlake

Donald E. Westlake Quotes

Did you know about Donald E. Westlake?

Westlake's most famous characters include the hard-boiled criminal Parker (appearing in fiction under the Richard Stark pseudonym) and Parker's comic flip-side John Dortmunder. In 1987 Westlake wrote the teleplay Fatal Confession a pilot for the TV series Father Dowling Mysteries based on the novels by Ralph McInerny. "
Samuel Holt: 4 mystery novels featuring the character of Sam Holt 1986-1989: One of Us is Wrong and I Know a Trick Worth Two of That both 1986; What I Tell You Three Times is False 1987; The Fourth Dimension is Death 1989.

He was a three-time Edgar Award winner one of only three writers (the others are Joe Gores and William L. Donald Edwin Westlake (July 12 1933 – December 31 2008) was an American writer with over a hundred novels and non-fiction books to his credit.

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