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Forest Whitaker

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I try to be like a forest: revitalizing and constantly growing.

— Forest Whitaker

#inspirational #inspirational

I care about people. In the end, I think they feel it. It comes across, regardless of the character I'm portraying.

— Forest Whitaker

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I'm an actor. And I guess I've done so many movies I've achieved some high visibility. But a star? I guess I still think of myself as kind of a worker ant.

— Forest Whitaker

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I can play a man who's despicable. But I'll still look inside him to find a point of connection. If I can find that kernel, audiences will relate to me.

— Forest Whitaker

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Stereotypes do exist, but we have to walk through them.

— Forest Whitaker

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When I was a kid, the only way I saw movies was from the back seat of my family's car at the drive-in.

— Forest Whitaker

#car #drive-in #family #i #kid

It is possible for a kid from east Texas, raised in south central LA and Carson, who believes in his dreams, commits himself to them with his heart, to touch them and to have them happen.

— Forest Whitaker

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About Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker Quotes

Did you know about Forest Whitaker?

His performance earned him the 2007 Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role making him the fourth African-American actor in history to do so joining the ranks of Sidney Poitier Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx. On Inside the Actors Studio Whitaker said that a genetic test indicated he was of Igbo descent on his father's side and Akan descent on his mother's side. Ron Hubbard.

Forest Steven Whitaker (born July 15 1961) is an American actor producer and director. Whitaker has also won a Golden Globe and a BAFTA.

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