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Gabriel Byrne

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Presents don't really mean much to me. I don't want to sound mawkish, but - it was the realization that I have a great many people in my life who really love me, and who I really love.

— Gabriel Byrne

#great #i #life #love #love me

Not to oversimplify it, somebody once said a good rule of thumb in interpreting a character is to find the good in the bad people that you portray and the bad in the good.

— Gabriel Byrne

#bad people #character #find #good #interpreting

And then, I suppose, there's also a cinematic reality on top of that. Because it was extremely difficult to keep tabs on, it was quite confusing acting that.

— Gabriel Byrne

#also #because #cinematic #confusing #difficult

I don't think we're living in great times for movies, to tell you the truth.

— Gabriel Byrne

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I thought to myself, there's a man who gave up his life to serve others - to touch people in that way is probably the greatest thing you can do as a human being.

— Gabriel Byrne

#gave #greatest #greatest thing #his #human

I think there's a bit of the devil in everybody. There's a bit of a priest in everybody, too, but I enjoyed playing the devil more. He was more fun.

— Gabriel Byrne

#devil #enjoyed #everybody #fun #i

I would like to break out of this dark, brooding image, cause I'm actually not like that at all.

— Gabriel Byrne

#break #brooding #cause #dark #i

I'm not a very gregarious person. I can't bear attention being called to me in a public place, which is ridiculous in a business that pays you to be noticed.

— Gabriel Byrne

#bear #being #business #called #gregarious

It was either Voltaire or Charlie Sheen who said, 'We are born alone. We live alone. We die alone. And anything in between that can give us the illusion that we're not, we cling to.'

— Gabriel Byrne

#anything #between #born #charlie #charlie sheen

It's actually pretty complex, because there's two levels of reality in the narrative. One is what really took place, and the other is Spider's poisoned version of what took place.

— Gabriel Byrne

#because #complex #levels #narrative #other

About Gabriel Byrne

Gabriel Byrne Quotes

Did you know about Gabriel Byrne?

He played football in Dublin with the Stella Maris Football Club in Drumcondra. He also received the Honorary Patronage of the University Philosophical Society of Trinity College Dublin on February 20 2007. [citation needed]
In January 2011 he spoke in an interview on The Meaning of Life about being sexually abused by priests during his childhood.

His acting career began in the Focus Theatre before he joined London's Royal Court Theatre in 1979. Byrne's screen debut came in the Irish soap opera The Riordans and the spin-off show Bracken.

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