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Haley Joel Osment

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I like normal stuff people fear - like spiders and heights. I'm frightened by the unknown, by things that are hard to figure out and get a grip on.

— Haley Joel Osment

#figure #frightened #get #grip #hard

Acting is not acting. It isn't putting on a face and dancing around in a mask. It's believing that you are that character and playing him as if it were a normal day in the life of that character.

— Haley Joel Osment

#around #believing #character #dancing #day

I really don't care if people know who I am or what's said about me.

— Haley Joel Osment

#am #care #i #i am #know

I try to keep away from being big-headed. That's what causes people to lose the acting thing. They start being commercial, and then they stink for the rest of their lives.

— Haley Joel Osment

#away #being #causes #commercial #i

I would be a terrible person to be in a relationship with because I'm either sleeping or at the theater.

— Haley Joel Osment

#either #i #person #relationship #sleeping

I'm going to try and model myself after Kurt Russell and Jodie Foster.

— Haley Joel Osment

#foster #going #i #jodie #jodie foster

I've never had a MySpace or a Facebook page. I avoid that entirely.

— Haley Joel Osment

#entirely #facebook #had #i #myspace

It's hard to act terrified when you have 200 crew members around you.

— Haley Joel Osment

#around #crew #crew members #hard #members

Just keep learning from the role and not just go for the money.

— Haley Joel Osment

#just #keep #learning #money #role

Kobe Bryant is my favorite basketball player. He takes risks. He goes for the shot. He isn't cautious with whatever he does.

— Haley Joel Osment

#basketball #basketball player #bryant #cautious #does

About Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment Quotes

Did you know about Haley Joel Osment?

He appeared in the 1996 film Bogus alongside Whoopi Goldberg and Gérard Depardieu and the 1998 made-for-TV movie The Lake as well as I'll Remember April (1999) with future The Sixth Sense co-star Trevor Morgan. Asked to describe the biggest thing he had ever seen Osment described an IMAX theater screen and won the part in a Pizza Hut TV commercial advertising their "Big Foot" pizza. Osment was involved in a single-driver automobile accident on July 20 2006 in which he struck a brick mailbox and overturned his car while driving near his home.

He made his Broadway debut in 2008 in a short-lived revival of David Mamet's play American Buffalo starring John Leguizamo and Cedric the Entertainer. After a series of roles in television and film during the 1990s including a small part in Forrest Gump playing Tom Hanks' title character’s son Osment rose to fame with his performance as Cole Sear in M. Artificial Intelligence and Mimi Leder's Pay it Forward.

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