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Ian MacKaye

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I don't smoke, don't drink, don't fuck. At least i can fucking think.

— Ian MacKaye

#freedom-of-thought #freedom

American business at this point is really about developing an idea, making it profitable, selling it while it's profitable and then getting out or diversifying. It's just about sucking everything up.

— Ian MacKaye

#american #business #developing #everything #getting

I just have work to do; I just do it.

— Ian MacKaye

#just #just do it #work

I consider the piano my 'main' instrument and have been playing for as long as I can remember. It seems to me that I might have come up with something resembling a song as early as 4 or 5 years old.

— Ian MacKaye

#come #consider #early #i #i can

I feel completely fortunate to have this outlet for something I don't really feel like I have a choice in, to make music. I've got to make it.

— Ian MacKaye

#completely #feel #fortunate #got #i

I have thousands of tapes, and photos and fliers, letters, posters, artwork - basically everything that ever happened, I kept. I'm not a hoarder, though. I'm sort of a librarian.

— Ian MacKaye

#basically #ever #everything #happened #i

Basically we just created our own label, but again we just did it to document our own music and create our own thing, so the major labels were just always out of our picture, we're not interested.

— Ian MacKaye

#always #basically #create #created #did

I stand behind all the lyrics I've ever written; I don't have a problem with that.

— Ian MacKaye

#ever #i #lyrics #problem #stand

I was into Ted Nugent, I was a Nugent guy. I was a skateboarder listening to Ted Nugent.

— Ian MacKaye

#i #into #listening #skateboarder #ted

Major labels didn't start showing up really until they smelled money, and that's all they're ever going to be attracted to is money-that's the business they're in- making money.

— Ian MacKaye

#business #ever #going #labels #major

About Ian MacKaye

Ian MacKaye Quotes

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Such practices keep admission prices low (in the $5–$15 range) and allow fans of all ages to attend performances. After working with MacKaye Frusciante states "Ian is one of the only living people who I really respect and look up to so it was an honor and a pleasure as well as a great learning experience to hear his perspective. -based independent record label.

He is a co-founder and owner of Dischord Records a Washington D. : /məˈkaɪ/; born April 16 1962) is an American singer songwriter guitarist musician label owner and producer. A key figure in the development of hardcore punk straightedge and an independent-minded do it yourself punk ethic MacKaye also works as a producer and has produced releases by Q and Not U John Frusciante 7 Seconds Nation of Ulysses Bikini Kill Rites of Spring Dag Nasty and Rollins Band among others.

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