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James Blunt

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Wish I had known what seemed so strong has been and gone.

— James Blunt


Tracer lighting up the sky. It's another families' turn to die. A child afraid to even cry out says, He has been here. And I see no bravery, No bravery in your eyes anymore. Only sadness.

— James Blunt

#war #family

My life is brillant, My love is pure.

— James Blunt

#love #love is #my life #pure

I guess if you're stupid enough to join the army without thinking about getting shot at, then you really are a fool.

— James Blunt

#army #enough #fool #getting #guess

I have been told by people that I should not be seen clubbing with good-looking women, but I can't see why not. Why be a pop star otherwise?

— James Blunt

#clubbing #good-looking #i #otherwise #people

I have fun with it and I am honest and open about the way I lead my life and don't mislead anyone. I've had the time of my life and thank God for that, it would be such a waste otherwise.

— James Blunt

#am #anyone #fun #god #had

You can't break my spirit, it's my dreams you take.

— James Blunt

#dreams #spirit #take #you

If the Army helped towards my tuition fees I would then give them four years of my life.

— James Blunt

#fees #four #give #helped #i

It's always nice to be able to capture your life's experiences in a song and hold the emotion in that way.

— James Blunt

#always #capture #emotion #experiences #hold

Things take a long time, but when it's right things move fast.

— James Blunt

#long #long time #move #right #right things

About James Blunt

James Blunt Quotes

Did you know about James Blunt?

After recording on the independent American label Custard Records Blunt won two Brit Awards two MTV Video Music Awards two Ivor Novello Awards and by 2006 was nominated for five Grammy Awards. Early life
James Blunt was born at an army hospital in Tidworth Wiltshire England; the first child born to Jane A. James Hillier Blount (born 22 February 1974) better known by his stage name James Blunt is an English singer-songwriter and former army officer whose debut album Back to Bedlam and single releases including "You're Beautiful" and "Goodbye My Lover" brought him to fame in 2005.

Blunt was an officer in the Life Guards a cavalry regiment of the British Army and served under NATO in Kosovo during the conflict there in 1999. Since then Blunt has supported MSF by holding meet-and-greet auctions at many of his concerts.

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