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James F. Byrnes

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Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem more afraid of life than death.

— James F. Byrnes

#life-and-living #death

Freedom from militarism will give the German people the opportunity, if they will but seize it, to apply their great energies and abilities to the works of peace.

— James F. Byrnes

#energies #freedom #freedom from #german #german people

German militarism and Nazism have devastated twice in our generation the lands of German neighbors.

— James F. Byrnes

#generation #german #lands #militarism #neighbors

It is not in the interest of the German people or in the interest of world peace that Germany should become a pawn or a partner in a military struggle for power between the East and the West.

— James F. Byrnes

#between #east #german #german people #germany

It will give them the opportunity to show themselves worthy of the respect and friendship of peace-loving nations, and in time, to take an honorable place among members of the United Nations.

— James F. Byrnes

#friendship #give #honorable #members #nations

Most of the victims of Nazi aggression were before the war less well off than Germany. They should not be expected by Germany to bear, unaided, the major costs of Nazi aggression.

— James F. Byrnes

#bear #before #costs #expected #germany

Power intoxicates men. It is never voluntarily surrendered. It must be taken from them.

— James F. Byrnes

#men #must #never #power #surrendered

Provision was also made for the distribution of Germany's foreign assets among the Allies.

— James F. Byrnes

#also #among #assets #distribution #foreign

The American people want peace. They have long since ceased to talk of a hard or a soft peace for Germany.

— James F. Byrnes

#american people #ceased #germany #hard #long

Friendship without self-interest is one of the rare and beautiful things of life.

— James F. Byrnes

#beautiful things #friendship #life #rare #self-interest

About James F. Byrnes

James F. Byrnes Quotes

Did you know about James F. Byrnes?

He opposed Roosevelt's efforts to purge conservative Democrats in the 1938 primary elections. Truman considered the “successes” of the conference to be “unreal” and was highly critical of Byrnes’s failure to protect Iran which was not mentioned in the final communiqué. James Francis Byrnes (US: /ˈbɝnz/; May 2 1882 – April 9 1972) was an American politician from the state of South Carolina.

James Francis Byrnes (US: /ˈbɝnz/; May 2 1882 – April 9 1972) was an American politician from the state of South Carolina. President Franklin D. During his career Byrnes served as a US Representative (1911–1925) a US Senator (1931–1941) a Justice of the Supreme Court (1941–1942) Secretary of State (1945–1947) and 104th governor of South Carolina (1951–1955).

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