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John Mellencamp

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they say life goes on long after the thrill of living

— John Mellencamp

#life-lessons #live #life

Don't ever lose that innocent laughter, don't let time take that away

— John Mellencamp


What is there to be afraid of? The worst thing that can happen is you fail. So what? I failed at a lot of things. My first record was horrible.

— John Mellencamp

#fail #failed #first #happen #horrible

A lot of Woody Guthrie's songs were taken from other songs. He would rework the melody and lyrics, and all of a sudden it was a Woody Guthrie song.

— John Mellencamp

#lot #lyrics #melody #other #song

Bob Dylan's first couple of records in the 60's weren't considered cover records, but he only wrote one or two original songs on each album.

— John Mellencamp

#bob #considered #couple #cover #dylan

Do I think it's OK to fight authority as long as you're only talking about the high school teacher? No.

— John Mellencamp

#authority #fight #high #high school #high school teacher

I don't have to worry about any pop sensibility. I can write adult songs, and I don't have to worry about choruses and hook lines.

— John Mellencamp

#adult #any #choruses #hook #i

I couldn't have recorded this record 15 years ago. My voice didn't have the depth to pull these songs off.

— John Mellencamp

#depth #i #off #pull #record

I don't want to be a politician. I don't like politics. It's petty; it fights dirty.

— John Mellencamp

#fights #i #like #petty #politician

A lot of record company people, even though they're our age, want to be perceived as young hip guys, and they're hurting the business.

— John Mellencamp

#business #company #even #guys #hip

About John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp Quotes

Did you know about John Mellencamp?

Production on the CD/DVD package began on June 15 2009 when T-Bone Burnett who is serving as the project's musical producer began laying down tracks in Los Angeles California for the songs Mellencamp wrote for the musical. "
Mellencamp's 1994 Dance Naked album included a cover of Van Morrison's "Wild Night" as a duet with MeJohn Mellencampll Ndegeocello. So I just put those songs on a John Mellencamplf and cut it back down to a single record.

His songs document the joys and struggles of ordinary people seeking to make their way and he has consistently brought the fresh air of common experience to the typically glamour-addled world of popular music. ". Said longtime Rolling Stone contributor Anthony DeCurtis: "Mellencamp has created an important body of work that has earned him both critical regard and an enormous audience.

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