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Ken Livingstone

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If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it.

— Ken Livingstone

#anything #changed #voting

Anybody who enjoys being in the House of Commons probably needs psychiatric help.

— Ken Livingstone

#being #commons #enjoys #help #house

There needs to be radical development in equality law to create the environment to allow women to stay in work.

— Ken Livingstone

#create #development #environment #equality #law

World wide capitalism kills more people everyday then Hitler did. And he was crazy.

— Ken Livingstone

#crazy #did #everyday #hitler #kills

About Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone Quotes

Did you know about Ken Livingstone?

" The refusal was leaked to the press who were further enraged when he permitted Irish republican protesters from the H-Block Armagh Committee to hold a 48-hour vigil and fast on the steps of County Hall throughout the wedding celebrations during which they launched 100 black balloons over the city. In the London Labour Briefing Livingstone announced "London's ours! After the most vicious GLC election of all time the Labour Party has won a working majority on a radical socialist programme. The campaign sent Livingstone on a £845000 party roadshow conference in which he successfully convinced the Liberal and Social Democratic parties to oppose abolition.

His leadership during the 7 July 2005 London bombings was widely praised and brought him international attention. More successful were his schemes to benefit women and underprivileged minorities despite facing stiff opposition.

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