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Lady Gaga

Read through the most famous quotes from Lady Gaga

Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother fucker's reflection.

— Lady Gaga

#lady-gaga #mirror #trust #trust

Well, that's your opinion, isn't it? And I'm not about to waste my time trying to change it.

— Lady Gaga

#lady-gaga #lady-gaga-famous #lady-gaga-quotes #change

Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.

— Lady Gaga

#individuality #self-determination #soul

Love is like a brick. You can build a house, or you can sink a dead body.

— Lady Gaga

#dead #house #humor #lady-gaga #love

‎Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, cuz we were born this way bitch!

— Lady Gaga

#be-yourself #be-yourself

When you make music or write or create, it's really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you're writing about at the time.

— Lady Gaga

#craft #creativity #music #writing #art

And now, I'm just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.

— Lady Gaga

#fashion #incrementalism #sequins #art

If you dont have any shadows you're not in the light

— Lady Gaga

#meaningful #shadows #inspirational

Do you know the feeling, when your heart is so hurt, that you could feel the blood dripping?

— Lady Gaga


I remember watching the mascara tears flood the ivories and I thought, "It's OK to be sad." I've been trained to love my darkness.

— Lady Gaga


About Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Quotes

Did you know about Lady Gaga?

It also stayed atop the Dance/Electronic Albums chart for 106 non-consecutive weeks and since its release has sold over 12 million copies worldwide. Initially working as a songwriter at Interscope Records her vocal abilities captured the attention of recording artist Akon who also signed her to Kon Live Distribution his own label under Interscope. A.

After embarking on the The Fame Ball Tour Lady Gaga followed the album with The Fame Monster (2009) which spawned the worldwide hit singles "Bad Romance" "Telephone" and "Alejandro". Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (/ˈstɛfəniː dʒərməˈnɒtə/ STE-fə-nee jər-mə-NOT-ə; born March 28 1986) known by her stage name Lady Gaga is an American singer songwriter record producer dancer activist businesswoman fashion designer actress and philanthropist.

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