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Michael Nyqvist

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David Fincher is one of the best directors I know, so I'm really curious to see it. Really curious, and I want to hear Daniel have the Swedish accent.

— Michael Nyqvist

#best #curious #daniel #david #directors

I think the whole mission of being here on Earth is to accept what you have, and my journey was to accept my own life and not pretend anything else. I think that's what we all struggle with.

— Michael Nyqvist

#anything #being #earth #else #here

I was not allowed to talk about being adopted when growing up. I walked around feeling like I was going to explode.

— Michael Nyqvist

#adopted #allowed #around #being #explode

It actually got me upset reading about adopted children. They become junkies or criminals or actors. I wanted to write a book from the children's point of view.

— Michael Nyqvist

#actually #adopted #become #book #children

Now I have a very good life and I am very proud of my work.

— Michael Nyqvist

#good #good life #i #i am #life

About Michael Nyqvist

Michael Nyqvist Quotes

Did you know about Michael Nyqvist?

He is married and has two children. Early life
Nyqvist was born in Stockholm to a Swedish mother and an Italian father (from Florence). When he returned to Sweden he was accepted at ballet school but after one year gave it up.

He is most recognized internationally for his role in the acclaimed Millennium series as Mikael Blomkvist as well as in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol as Kurt Hendricks the lead villain. Rolf Åke Mikael Nyqvist (born 8 November 1960) is a Swedish actor.

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